Northern Pike Fishing:

Borden Lake has a big population of small Walleye and Whitefish, which is the main diet of big trophy Northern Pike. Pike ambush their prey and can be found in narrows where Walleyes migrate, off rocky points, at the mouth of a stream or a shallow weedy bay that has a drop-off structure. In a lake where there are Whitefish, many of the big 20+ pound pike go deep to where the feeder fish are. Most pike are caught shallow.

Northern Pike Fishing Tips
Season: Open All Year
Limit - Sport License: 6 in 1 day with only 6 in your possession
Limit - Conservation License: 2 in 1 day with only 2 in your possession
Size Limit Sport License - Only 2 over 24 inches which only 1 can be over 34 inches
Size Limit Sport License - Only 1 over 24 inches and 0 over 34 inches
Non-Resident License Fees