Lake Trout Fishing:

There are many lakes surrounding the lodge that have fantastic Lake Trout fishing. Lake Trout can be caught in many different sizes from small pan-fryers to big trophies. You don't need steel wire line or baitwalkers to catch them. There are some simple techniques, which are very effective, and all you need is your Walleye stick and a couple of good size sinkers.

There are Lake Trout in Borden Lake and generally the ones that get caught are large. For some reason the Lake Trout in Borden Lake are hard to catch. There are lots of them there but they have so much baitfish down deep to feed on that they are not too anxious to bite our lures. This is why we send our guests to surrounding lakes where we know they will be very successful. If you have experience with Lake Trout, please feel free solve our Lake Trout mystery.

People who fish for Lake Trout are usually fanatics. There are reasons for this.

1st) Lake Trout can reach great sizes with the Ontario record being over 63 pounds.

2nd) It's extremely exciting to bring a big heavy fish up from the depths. There is an excitement and anticipation that cannot be put into words.

3rd) Lake Trout takes a little more skill with some refined methods to catch them. This adds to the entertainment value of your fishing vacation. You only need your Walleye stick to fish for Lake Trout if you read our fishing tips.

4th) Lake Trout also taste fantastic and fight really hard. You may have heard differently but the fact is there is a lot of folklore surrounding Lake trout and it's usually perpetuate by people that have never caught one.

Lake Trout Fishing Tips
Season: January 1 to September 30th
Limit - Sport License: 3 in 1 day with only 3 in your possession
Limit - Conservation License: 1 in 1 day with only 1 in your possession
Non-Resident License Fees