Brook Trout Fishing:

In the surrounding rivers and lakes, big populations of Brook Trout (Speckled Trout) and Splake can be found. Nothing says fishing in Canada more than walking along a beautiful northern river on a sunny day and catching these beautiful trout. Most of these rivers and lakes can produce trout over 3 pounds, which is a trophy size Brook Trout. The best time for Brook Trout is on a bright sunny day when the weather has been stable for a few days. Fresh Brook Trout is by far the best tasting of the trout family.

If you intend to Brook Trout fish, some of the rivers are very challenging and you must use canoes and portage. The lakes also require you to use canoes or you can bring your own lightweight 10-12' boat, use may also require 4 wheel drive to get back into some of the lakes.

Brook Trout Fishing Tips
Season: January 1 to September 15th
Limit - Sport License: 5 in 1 day with only 5 in your possession
Limit - Conservation License: 2 in 1 day with only 2 in your possession
Non-Resident License Fees