As you may be aware, the US is legislating passports for land travel into the US beginning June 1, 2009. Passports are presently required for air travel. Currently, a photo ID and birth certificate are required to enter the US by land entry.

Therefore after June 1, 2009 anyone traveling into the US will require a passport, regardless of the originating country.

The Canadian officials require a photo ID and birth certificate to enter into Canada. They are not currently legislating passports, however it is advisable to obtain one.

A passport is confirmation of citizenship and does not authorize travel if you have a criminal record. A felony or misdemeanour may prevent travel across the border. Anyone that has been arrested, fingerprinted or convicted of a criminal offence should contact us to determine eligibility

Please ensure that you begin the paperwork well in advance to avoid delays or being denied entry. Anyone not holding a passport at this time will likely be able to cross into Canada but may not be able to travel back into the US.

For assistance with obtaining permission to cross the border, please contact Lucy Perillo at:

R3Y 1M6
Email: bordercrossing@mts.net
Web: www.bordercrossing.ca

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